2022 Presenters


Mytor became involved in the BDSM community in 2013. Prior to 2013, Mytor spent time involved with Motorcycle Clubs that taught him about D/s relationships. Mytor has always been kinky in the bedroom but wanted more. After attending a rope class in 2013, he knew the shibari was for him. Since then, Mytor has attended many classes, workshops, rope intensives, and tying regularly to increase and maintain his skills. To better relate and empathize with rope partners, Mytor has studied and taken courses in human anatomy, physics, rigging, and rope bottom safety. In 2015, Mytor became the leader of R.O.P.E. to collaborate with rope enthusiasts and impart the finer points of the craft to others. In 2018, Mytor, with his partner LoveToBeBound, opened ThatPlace in Oklahoma City and started Central Oklahoma Rope Enthusiasts (CORE). CORE has both beginner and more advanced classes each month. Mytor has taught classes at adult stores, Oklahoma play spaces, and his own dungeon ThatPlace in flogging, fire Play and cupping, mummification, and shibari. He has been invited as a guest for Leather and Dom panels for S.E.M.P. as well as rope and flogging demos at different leather and kink events.


Jaybee aviance is the founder and creative director of the Kansas City alternative podcast collective (KCAPC). Founded in 2021 KCAPC strives to be the go-to place for alternative voices in the Midwest and beyond.  While I haven’t had many physical experiences in the community, the discussions, demos and small groups I’ve been invaluable in helping me figure out where my place in the community is. I am also the Vice-President of the KC Pioneers the oldest gay leather group in Kansas City. My time with them has been an incredible ride and I can’t wait to see what’s next.


Hellfire (They/She), or otherwise known as Stormy in the local kink and Leather community, is a queer, poly, submissive, bratty switch, and has been a part of the DFW community for almost 5 years now and got her start in the community in East Texas area back in early 2018. They share openly in their own experience their own personal leather journey, polyamorous living, kink, and is passionate about volunteer work and education.


SassyHoot is a Domme, who has been active in the Lifestyle and Community since 2014. She is a group owner of Wonderfully Wicked Women of Oklahoma City (WWW), a current member of MAsT (Masters and slaves Together) and has attended dungeons in Oklahoman City and Tulsa. hoots_desire is the collared submissive of SassyHoot. He’s been in the Lifestyle off and on for about ten years, spending time in various Communities in and outside the United States. He has been part of the Oklahoma City Community since early 2019. hoots is also a member of Wonderfully Wicked Women of Oklahoma City (WWW) and has attended dungeons in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.


Recently moving back home to Oklahoma from the deserts of California and Arizona, Gizmo has been involved in the LGBTQ+ Community for 23 years and the Leather Kink Community for 8 years. He is the last Mentee of the Late Goddess “Lady” Sadie Hawkins who helped him learn, grow, and become a better leader, and educator, within the Leather & BDSM Communities. Gizmo is an original member and boy in service to The Leather House of Shangri-La, whose purpose is to uphold a transparent and an authentic leather lifestyle based on the principles of Tradition, Honor, Education, Integrity, Respect, and Structure. Like the Phoenix he has been on an ever-evolving journey from sub to Dom and has had the privilege of being a proud Daddy Dom of his 2 little boys Joey and Matt, Handler to his Pup Maxx, and Alpha to his beta Requiem in Riverside, CA. His skill sets include Flogging, Spanking, Tactile Sensation Play, Electro Play, Caning, Mummification Bondage, Mummified Suspension Bondage, Wax Play, and Fire Play. Gizmo is a born Community Leader and has held many titles and leadership roles within the communities of which he is a part of. He is a proud and active member of The Phoenix boys of Leather and a proud supporter of his late mentor’s sorority the Onyx Pearls in her memory.


Ursus (He/Him) is a leather daddy bootblack who won South Central Community Bootblack in 2020. He is bisexual and married to his lovely wife Laurel. He has been kinky for two decades and enjoys whips, needles, floggers, paddles, and rough body play, not to mention bootblacking. The love, history, and sexiness that others’ leather shows him, turns him on and drives him in his pursuits in the kink lifestyle. He has been doing piercings for over 20 years in and out of tattoo shops across Texas, but now tends to focus on the play side of needles. Over the last few years he has been turning the knowledge and skills he knows over to others through another joy: Teaching. When not bootblacking or at leather events, Ursus enjoys tabletop RPGs, board games, disc golf, and annoying those around him with obscure movie quotes.


Warden also WardenRed on FetLife but there’s too many ****** Reds so I dropped it. 😜 30, Female she/her

As a switch/exploring sadomasochist, she’s been in the lifestyle for a year come September. Having spent the last year bottoming to get to know what’s out there and what interests her, she now plans on spending the next year developing her style as a top. She has spent 3 years in fine dining with extensive training and was member of The Guild of Sommeliers but is not a certified Sommelier. She has since joined the corporate world but still have a passion for technical and detailed dining service and wine service.  She looks forward to being able to bring some classical skills into the service community and share her passion. And she can’t wait to see what she can learn from others.

Randal AKA Glovez

Randal entered the world of leather late in life. When he found the leather community, he realized he was in a place to play and explore. Randal has taught classes and has served on panel discussions with topics from Leather Lifestyle to Racial Stereotypes. Randal is Mr. Rt 66 Leather 2016; Mr. Great Plaines Leather 2018 and is currently Mr. International Olympus Leather 2019.  In addition, Randal is a member of Mama’s Family, Lone Star Onyx and carries the name of Set-Angya (Sitting Bear) Onyx.

Dommy Daycare

Dommy Daycare is an age-play group that offers love, support, and growth to Littles, Middles, Brats, and ABDL identifying persons. Emphasis is placed on cultivating and expanding the Caretaker role. This group is online and IRL and will host munches and parties, as well as offering educational classes on age-play related topics.

Paws and Claws Oklahoma

Paws and Claws Oklahoma (PAC-OK) is an educational, networking, and socializing Pet and Handler group in Oklahoma (right now primarily in the Oklahoma City metro). We are welcoming of all breeds and species of Pet Play, not just Pup Play.