2019 Judges

2022 Judges


Geoffrey Millard

Geoffrey Millard is a bootblack and disabled veteran who has been into leather for over 20 years. The leather titles he’s held include Mr Daddy’s Barbershop Leather 2017, Mr San Francisco Leather 2017, CA State Bootblack 2018, and is the only person to finish 1st runner up at both IML (2017) and IMBB (2019).   Geoffrey is a proud member of San Francisco’s The 15 Association, and Daddy to Jack Thompson (IML2019).


Mama Gail

Mama Gail (she/her) is based in Tulsa where her love of leather/levi found a place. She is Women’s International Leather Legacy 2018 and passionate about creating #LovingLeatherSpaces wherever she goes. Gail has been leathering and roping and club boarding and presenting and title holding and all the things for a while now. But today she finds herself balancing building a business, empty nesting, ethical and supportive relationships, and generally just writing the next chapter of life.

Mama Gail has won awards, accolades, and even a few haters. She comes with disclaimers. She drops a lot of F-bombs. The honorific of “Mama” was bestowed lovingly by a drunk leatherman at the Eagle and it stuck. She has a snarky streak and her mind is filth. Flags grey-ish on the left. 

On a more serious note, I want to thank the Route 66 and Kink Weekend producers for having me judge. I have watched the evolution of this weekend and contest year over year, and it is amazing to see what it has grown to become. I’m looking forward to seeing the impact the Route 66 contest winners and the Kink Weekend community continues to bring to the scene. Best wishes to all the contestants!


Eli Lawrence

KINK WEEKEND is honored to introduce final judge Eli Lawrence for Kink Weekend 2022

Mx Eli Lawrence, LCSW (they/them), Southwest slave 2013 and Ms Texas Leather 2019, is a transgender non-binary Queer Leather switch. After more than 15 years in polyamorous kinky relationships, they are trying true edge play by living in a committed monogamous loving relationship with their vanilla partner. Professionally they are a licensed therapist specializing in LGBTQIA+ counseling and sexual health and wellness. Currently they are the Clinical Supervisor for Behavioral Health for Waterloo Counseling Center in Austin, Texas. For the last decade they have volunteered as an educator, public speaker, emcee, and passionate advocate for wholehearted living in alternative sexuality communities across the country.



Kage is a former Mister Texas Bear Round Up and the Beartriach of the Route 66 Leather Bear title. He is a founding member of the Texas Puppy Club, and an active member of the Lonestar boys of Leather, the DFW Kennel Club, and the Dallas Bears. Kage is also on the leadership and production team for the Texas Bear Round Up (TBRU), the second largest bear weekend in North America, fundraising for local charities such as the Greg Dollgener Memorial AIDS Fund (GDMAF) and Access & Information Network (AIN, formerly known as AIDS Interfaith Network). His flag positions vary based on color and partner, but he primarily identifies as a Leatherboy/Bear and a Community Pup Handler. 

He lives in DFW with his Sir and is a self-proclaimed nerd who everything fantasy, sci-fi, and horror. In his spare time Kage works on kinky leather projects, designing t-shirts, and spending time watching movies and playing board games with his chosen family.


The Puppy Fifi

Amy, a.k.a. The Puppy Fifi found a home in the Chicago Leather community in the early 2000s. She was the Head slave in a high protocol leather household. Serving her owners and managing the other slaves. The Puppy Fifi, a proper circus poodle, won the Great Lakes Leather Puppy title at CellBlock Chicago, in 2003 and then went on to win the International Puppy title at IPTC in Dallas, Texas in 2004. The Puppy Fifi is the first female IPTC Puppy titleholder. She spent her title years traveling the US spreading the joys of life as a puppy. She now resides in South Bend, Indiana, and continues to travel spreading the love of a puppy’s life.


Briar Wood

Briar is a self-identified gender queer poly switch leather person. Bootblack to all, Captain to many, girl to some and Mommy to one. She has had the honor serving as the South Central Community Bootblack and International Community Bootblack 2015. She is driven by service but will happily steer that bus as she educates, shares, leads and follows within the community.  If there are shenanigans happening, she is enthusiastically “helping”.


Jack Thompson

Jack Thompson (He/Him) — also known as Exile ONYX, is International Mr. Leather 2019! He is a proud biracial, transgender, HIV-positive, Leatherman and wolf.

Naturally inclined to serve, Jack has been an active member of the leather community for over 15 years. He is a founding father of ONYX Northwest and current member of ONYX Mid-Atlantic. A Founder of the Rebel Kings of Oakland Drag King troupe, one of the longest running drag shows in the country and a current board member for the Clifton Pleasure Club in Baltimore MD. In 2018, Jack represented Mr. May on the Bare Chest calendar (San Francisco), and is currently Mr. January for the same calendar’s 2022 Alumni Edition. In 2019 he won the title of Leatherman of Color. He was also awarded The Pantheon of Leather’s Man of the Year award, ONYX’s Mufasa’s Lion Strength Award and The Imperial Court’s Marcus Hernandez International Leather Leadership Award.

These days you will find him at home with his husbear/Daddy and being of service to his friends and local community.

Remember, “If you are enough for you, then you are enough. Period.”


Sir Bull

Sir Bull. Mr Iowa Leather 2018 and central plains leather sir. Living in Iowa, I have two boys. I’m a Dom switch with a penchant for beefy dudes with thick meat. I spend a lot of time doing things around the farm and showing city boys how to get down and dirty in the barn. Check out my twitter @GainerBully posting shenanigans now and again. #kinkyfkr



Aiden is a transmasculine, queer, polly person, using he/they pronouns. He has the honor and privilege of holding the Route 66 Bootblack 2019 title. During their time in the community they have discovered many parts and sides of themselves including but not limited to being a sub, being a slave, being a dom, and being a dark little and brat. One of the greatest joys that they have is being the handler to their wife and pup.