Route 66 Contests

The Route 66 Contest is a National Title and open to all people living in the United States. This is not a state or regional title as Route 66 touches the lives of people in the entire US without regard to location.

Rt 66 Leather 2024 Application and Handbook

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Mr. Route 66 Leather (Male Identifying)

Ms. Route 66 Leather (Female Identifying)

Mr. Route 66 Bear (Gender Neutral)

Route 66 Pet (Gender and Species Neutral)

Route 66 Leather Bootblack (Gender Neutral)


For volunteer registration, click here. If you wish to present a class(or classes), please click here. If you would like to work the Bootblack Stands at any point, please click here. Any questions, please reach out to us using the contact us form. Thank you.