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OKC Kink Weekend, Rt 66 Leather and Sooner State Olympus Leather Presents: A LEATHER REUNION, JULY 16th and 17th


With Oklahoma opening up and with people getting vaccinated. We will be hosting a reunion on July 16th and 17th at the District Hotel. As in the past, we will be having pool parties and a cook out. However, there will be no contest or classes this year so that everyone can spend time and catch up. Please, know that we want everyone to be safe and am asking that if you choose to come, that you get vaccinated. We have lost a lot of friends and families. It is our desire that we can gather have enjoy our time together. The hotel has a block of 40 rooms and registration this year will be only $25. Pre-Register here. Registration will be collected at the door.

Statement Regarding Pride and Black Lives Matter

The OKC Kink Weekend/Rt 66 Leather Owners, Producers and Title Holders value the diversity of the leather and kink community.  We believe that our events are safe and welcoming environments.  We believe that it is the diversity that creates a strong community.  As such, we support the Black Lives Matter movement.  This has been previously stated on our facebook page and we are reiterating it at this time.  We commit to continue to be a place where people are welcome, safe and comfortable.  We will continue to hold space through educational opportunities, frank discussion panels and the opportunity for BIPOC community members to run for our titles.   

June has traditionally been a time to celebrate Pride Month.  We look back to our leaders from that time and draw strength from them.  We stand by and affirm our family during this time just as they stood by us. Happy Pride Month too all our friends, family and supporters!

2019 Route 66 Winners

Ms. Route 66 Leather – Miss Sara
Route 66 Leather Bear – Boy Kage
Route 66 Bootblack – Zahira
Route 66 Pup – Pup Shadow
Mr. Route 66 Leather – boy Kody

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