We are assuming you have already scoured the website and did not find an answer so here are some frequently asked questions we get from visitors and locals alike.

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Where can I smoke?

Oklahoma laws ban all smoking and vaping in restaurants only. Smoking in bars is allowed. I know i know, we prefer to smell your leather too; however, not all the bars in the area allow smoking. Here are a list of the ones that are smoke free.

  • Phoenix Rising
  • Apothecary 39
  • Partners Bar
  • Angles (For this weekend only by choice of kink weekend)
  • Gushers Restaurant
  • Habana Rooms (unless its a smoking designated room)
  • Boom Restaurant/Theater Room

All other bars and areas, including the Habana Pool area, you can smoke cigarettes, vapes, and cigars in and around.

Can I wear a Jock?

Oklahoma State law does not allow a full bare arse to be shown. By law the minimum you can wear is a 3 inch strap that covers your crack. You can get away with a folded hanky or similar covering over your crack. So the answer is Yes, just think ahead and be legal. You alone are responsible for your bare ass; however the bars will still kick you out if you violate this state law.

What are the nude laws in Oklahoma City?

Not good buddy, not good. Oklahoma is still pretty conservative so you can’t show your ass crack, penis, balls, or vagina. if you are a woman, you can not show tour nipples. boob is okay, nipples are sin. We get it, they are the same nipples that a guy has, but try explaining that to a police officer. Females must have the nipple covered by type or any means necessary.

What is a run pass? Also, how does it work?

A run pass is a package deal sold to an indivudual that allows them access to the all the events, classes, demos, food, parties, etc. that the event is putting on for that weekend. A weekend pass for kink weekend is $100.00 per person for the entire weekend. There are early bird discounts for those that book waaay ahead in the year. Puting on events like these (parties, classes, taking over a bar, paying for the contest material, this website, covering expenses like judges, etc.) cost a lot of money. If you are not able to attend the entire weekend we also sale day passes that are priced for one full day of fun. If all you can do is come out on saturday night then by all means come out. Angles will have a cover for those that do not have a pass but you can still come out and join us, have an amazing time.

What is the cost to attend this event?

  • $100.00 for a full weekend pass. *$125.00 after 7/17/19
  • $60.00 for an all day pass.
  • $10.00 cover to Angels without a pass.
  • $10.00 entrance fee for the Vendors Market.
  • The pool will be under Special Events Pricing at $10.00 per guest with no event pass.

No cover at the other bars since they are not apart of kink weekend.

What does someone usually wear to kink weekend?

This is a loaded question. Don’t wear your leathers to the pool parties. Dress smart, it’s hot outside and there are no clothing checks. During the day with the classes and vendors market people go comfortable or regular clothes. But at night, less is more. [insert evil laugh] you will see a lot of shirtless men in a harness. Wear any gear or leathers that you love, even lycra, rubber, latex, leather bar vest, a harness.

All this sexy, Can I just grab you?

No, just don’t. Consent is a thing and if you don’t have it then don’t touch someone. if someone has a fun texture and you just can’t resist, just politely ask. It’s that easy. Do not confuse a smile with consent. Always ask!

I’m starving! Is there food around?

Around the Habana, Yes, there is:

  • Gushers restaurant is located inside the Habana Hotel Lobby and has a burgers and salads menu.
  • Stars Pizza is also on the strip. Stars has pizza, sandwiches, and gyros.
  • In the Angles Parking lot there is a Mexican food truck that is amazing with great portions.
  • Both Kink weekend pool parties between 5-7 will have grilled hotdogs and chips.
  • The Boom has Dinner Friday and Saturday 5-9pm. Also, a fabulous gospel drag brunch on Sundays at Noon and 1:30. Brunch requires a reservation.
  • Sunday Victory Brunch for Kink Weekend pass holders will be at the copa from 10am to 1pm.
  • If you are staying at the Hotel Habana then you can have just about any food delivered to you by delivery. This includes poolside.
  • Braums and Subway are in walking distance right on the corner of Penn and 39th

How does the Habana Pool work?

The Habana Pool is for hotel guest only. There are a few other ways to have access though here is a list of ways to get all the sexy fun at the public Habana pool. There are two pools, one is called the Finishline pool, it is located right behind the Finishline and has a full bar available on the weekend. The second one is lush with trees and is the Events pool. The Events pool is where pool parties like Kink Weekend will be held.

  • Valid Hotel Guest.
  • Event pass holders. If you have a kink weekend weekend pass or day pass you are awarded with pool access for as long as your pass is valid.
  • Buy a drink at the Finishline or Copa and ask the bartender for a pass that equals the pass price
  • Habana Day Pool Passes are sold at the Habana lobby at $5 per person* per day. This is reasonable because we all know you wont clean up after yourself and the Habana will have to. * This only applies to the finishline pool
  • NO GLASS BOTTLES. This is an absolute rule since we are all barefoot… in a pool.
  • IF you are a legit hotel guest or with a pass, you can bring your own alcohol to one of the pools. The Finishline Bar pool you can not do this, however, you have access to a full bar so challenge them and order some fun drinks.

Where can I find my registration to the Kink Weekend event?

You can find your registration at the registration table located in the Habana Lobby. The registration table is ran by volunteers and only maned at specific times.

  • Thursday Noon – 8:00pm
  • Friday 9:00am – 8:00pm
  • Saturday 9:00am – 8:00pm

Have a question? We updated this as we get questions so send your question to us via contact page.

What is Hospitality?

Hospitality is special room designated for Kink Weekend pass holders only. Think of it as Home Base. It will have snacks and bottled waters. It will also have liquor and mixers for you to make your own drink. The Hospitality hours are as follows:

  • Friday morning from 8am to 10am
  • beyond Friday late night from 12:30am to 2:30am (technically Saturday)
  • Saturday morning from 8am to 9am
  • beyond Saturday late night from 12:30am to 4am (technically Sunday)

What all do I get with a full weekend pass?

The weekend pass allows you access to all the weekends planned events. Here is a list of the exact event:

  • Opening Ceremony at the Copa
  • Bootblack shining (not including personal tips)
  • Kinkster’s Have Talent show at Angles
  • Hospitality Room that includes open bar and snacks
  • Vendors Market at Angles
  • Educational classes
  • All the fetish demos
  • Habana Pools
  • Outdoor cookouts by the pool
  • Dungeon public play space
  • Route 66 Contests
  • Cigar Social
  • Jock Auctions and Fashion show
  • Little’s Party
  • Large ball pit
  • Pup Mosh
  • Sisters Bingo Party
  • Victory Brunch
  • Shot Party

The weekend pass also has a few perks, You will get a Kink Weekend swag bag with information and gifts. This includes a Kink Weekend 2019 run pin.