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Dark Dreams Photography

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Dark Dreams Photography is the official photography of Kink Weekend and Route 66 Contest. Find Dark Dreams on Facebook.


Okc’s only dungeon open to the public. Find That Place on Fetlife, Facebook, or their website 

 ThatPlace Dungeon and Education Center is dedicated to supporting the  BDSM, Kink, Fetish, LGBTQ+, and Leather Communities through Education,  Acceptance and Community Building. You must be a vetted member to access ThatPlace

The main dungeon is supplied with 11 scening stations.

· 3 St. Andrews Crosses, one of those as a double cross
· A Bondage Table
· A Gynological Medical Table
· A Whipping post, with ample distance for a nice whip
· An Inversion Table
· A Spanking bench
· A Hardpoint for rope suspension
· A Pagoda
· 5 Aftercare benches that are next to scening stations
 · Seating to watch the wonderful scenes