About Us

KINK Weekend is an event that was conceived by the Oklahoma City Boys of Leather in 2011 as a way to celebrate the organizations one-year anniversary, as well as to showcase the different talents and fetishes that are in the community. In the process of setting the stage for some highly erotic, entertaining and sensual times for visitors to the event, also acted as a community service project by raising money for different charities and organizations throughout Oklahoma City.

Over the years the event changed from a single night show and fundraiser, to a multi-day event with entertainment, education and competition. In 2013, a new leather contest was started to coincide with the three-day event.  This contest was owned and sponsored by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence in Oklahoma City.  This new contest was titled the Heartland Leather Contest.  The sisters retained ownership until selling it to Nate Benner in 2015 with the understanding that the name of the contest was to be relinquished. Once ownership was changed, Mr. Benner renamed and rebranded it as the Rt. 66 Leather Contest and turned it into a national title. The first contest of Rt. 66 was held in July of 2015 where Russel McDaris, Mr. Heartland Leather 2015, presented the new title to Randal Whiterock-Zotigh, Mr. Rt 66 Leather 2016.

In January 2017, Mr. Benner determined it was time change ownership and production of Kink Weekend and Rt. 66 Leather. Mr. Benner passed the event to Randal Whiterock-Zotigh to ensure growth and the continuation of Kink Weekend and Rt. 66 Leather. Randal worked with a group of volunteers to change the mission. As a result, steps were taken to ensure an inclusive event.  This included creating Trans Talk with Tony and Tifany, Loving Leather Spaces with Mama Gail and other discussions/classes geared more toward the masses.

The growth of Kink Weekend remains steady.  As a result, a Board of Directors was put into place to manage the growth and stay on track with the mission.  As a result, the 2018 contest added a bootblack and pup component to the title family and the contest in 2019 added the Mr. Rt 66 Leather Bear and the Ms. Rt 66 Leather titles to the mix.

Title Holders:                                                                              

Mr. Heartland Leather 2014               Michael Kaplan                       IML Class 36

Mr. Heartland Leather 2015               Russell McDaris                      IML Class 37

Mr. Rt 66 Leather 2016                       Randal Zotigh                         IML Class 38 *

Mr. Rt 66 Leather 2017                       Paul Dorman                           IML Class 39

Mr. Rt 66 Leather 2018                       -VACATED-                                 -NA-

Mr. Rt 66 Leather 2019                       Patrick Ulysses                       IML Class 41

Rt 66 Pup 2019                            Matthurian Bates-Beller

Rt 66 Bootblack 2019                   Mark Chain                             South Central BB 2019 **

Mr. Rt 66 Leather 2020 Boy Kody -IML cancelled due to COVID-19

Ms. Rt 66 Leather 2020 Ms. Sara – Cancelled due to COVID-19

Rt 66 Bootblack 2020 Zahira -Cancelled due to Covid-19

Rt 66 Bear 2020 Kage – Cancelled due to Covid – 19

Rt 66 Pup 2020 Shadow – Cancelled due to Covid-19

*Holds the titles of Mr. Great Plains Olympus Leather 2018 and International Olympus Leather 2019

**Will compete for International Community Bootblack in 2019 after step-down

Executive Producers:

Nate Benner – Founder/Executive Producer 2011 to 2017

Randal Whiterock-Zotigh 2017 to Present